Dedicated to a vision of sophistication and simplicity, ColorFling helps you to the bring the most exclusive products in Home, Lifestyle and Fashion. Conceived with the idea of selling not only a product but all together a lifestyle, ColorFling is a platform which promises you to bring the same in the most elegant and unique way.

"We’ll possibly cause you to have a fling with your home and wardrobe."


ColorFling caters to young urban individuals  (India and Overseas) looking to create a beautiful home space. They are independent, fashionable and on a look out for unconventional and modern artefacts for their living space.


Inspired by her father's business acumen and her mother's amazing fashion sense, Mehma Nayyar, NIFT, Delhi Alumni always knew she wanted to carve her own business journey.

Having year and half of experience in the retail industry with leading international brands and frequent visits to her dad's office, she has decided to enter the E-commerce Business of Home, Lifestyle and Fashion.

Mehma pays close attention to exclusivity and uniqueness of the products offered by the brand to provide the very best to her customers. Taking ColorFling forward, she wants everyone to overcome the fear of missing out on all the beautiful things life has to offer. And especially thethings, one didn't buy.